Four Corners Alliance Group Review – SCAM ALERT

I have been doing online business long enough to see it all. Trust me I know how infuriating being the one to have fall into a scam can feel. I myself have lost over $5000 in my search for money making offers that didn’t pan out. The problem is so many programs hype up their service and makes false promises and advertisements that make any consumer want to give it an innocent try just to see. With so many resources online you would think finding a legitimate way to make money would be easy. But nope. More often than not I ended up completing tedious online survey and tested ads and got paid pennies for the time and effort. If you’re tired of these mediocre charades of chasing after false promises this review is worth the skimming.

Yes I know I sound like a loser, at least that was former me. And now I can laugh and warn people about it. Not to worry about me now, I’m doing more than fine now. But when I was younger, and god help me so naïve, I tried one program upon seeing an advertisement that failed miserably called Four Corners Alliance Group. Maybe you already signed up and are excited about it, or maybe you’re considering it just to give it a good honest try. My advice: don’t do it. Not worth it, at all.

I know it sounds great and the price is beautiful (eighteen dollars! Where do I sign!?) Again, don’t do it. The price is low to start but it’s a scam. And why spent a single cent or time on a scam? The thing is you are agreeing to more than just eighteen dollars upon signing up, in fact if you do sign up you’ll lose more than that, and it won’t be earned back. Four Corners Alliance Group is a classic example of a pyramid scheme. Essentially it is an unsustainable business model that seeks to screw people over. The idea that they use to make false promises to people and recruit them to pay money into the system. What really sucks most of all is the greedy and ruthless nature of these types of business models. They work to make the program and model appear legitimate and profitable, but the reality is that they are illegal and unfortunately growing. Millions of these fraudsters and money thieves and sweet talkers are in operation and creating new one. Since these business models are unsustainable they will eventually crash by they work to take advantage of the vulnerable while they can until they are forced to close it down and make a new scheme.

Many people have been falling for it and I was once a victim. Although now I have opened my eyes, and now actually think about what is being advertised instead of jumping in. They claim to be able to give their customers one hundred thousand a month in income with a small starting fee of eighteen dollars (again sign me up!) But this sounds way too good to be true. The thing is the optional products they have in the background are actually required. So although initially you’ll ignore the optional products and just go with the eighteen dollars starting fee you’ll come to find that you cannot earn any commission (no money) without them.

Everyone hates being lied to and this is no exception. People don’t like being told they have to do additional things to earn money, after it was promised to them that they wouldn’t need to pay more than a certain amount. But therein lies the trap at the heart of this. They make all the promises in the world in the hope you’ll sign up. Once you sign up you’ll feel an obligation to continue. It’s a reasonable sentiment. You want to make your money back and figure it you just pay a bit extra than you’ll get it, after all you already paid the beginner’s fee and have money invested into the program. You can’t just quit and have nothing to show for it. This is what they are hoping you’ll fall into. They use the products as they carrot to keep pulling you in and making you spend more money. You don’t want to lose out on money do you? But really it’s all smokes and mirrors.

The only money you’ll see is the money disappearing from your wallet. Honestly they don’t lie about this too much if you read carefully. They actually state it in their income disclaimer that the expected average annual salary of someone using the program is between five hundred to two thousand. Think about that. Who can survive on that? No one. When I was out of college I was making five hundred in a week working a full time retail job. A shitty retail job, but at least it paid more than this program. Most of the people using this program are making next to nothing. But they are spending all there’s no tomorrow.  In the end it’s a pyramid scheme. So the ones that actually profit from this was the ones at the top who take up most of the money being given by suckers. And I used to be one of them. This is clearly and horribly deceitful because they claimed they would give their customers one hundred thousand a month. So much for that promise. Word of caution: Stay away.



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