A Customers Take On Boost My Online Biz


My own use of the Boost My Online Biz system has been something that, for some time, I have greatly enjoyed. It’s effective, simple, easy to use and very effective to use as a business supplement.

Given that all of my business takes place online, I felt like it was important that I could provide you with a bit of detail and information about how Boost My Online Biz works, and why you need it.

The reason I wrote this review is quite simple – I care about helping others. My business is directly based within the self-help world, and so it’s vital that I can make sure the information I provide to people in all walks of life is something they’ll find useful.

Before we get any further into what Boost My Online Biz brings to the table, though, I want to have a closer look at the program in its entirety. This should help you understand what you are getting into, and what this tool can bring to the table.

Only then can you decide if this is worth it for yourself.


Why You Should Give Boost My Online Biz A Try

The first reason I recommend someone should come and try out this service is because it can offer such a welcome relief to managing the lead generation side of your business. Most people who get into online marketing have great ideas, they just can’t get people to stay interested.

With Boost My Online Biz, though, you make it easy to ensure that your offerings appear enticing to others. It’s simple to use, incredibly effective, and gives you access to a wide range of supplemental tools you’ll absolutely love.

Inside this set, you get access to;

  • An easy way to run up to eight advertising campaigns all at once, diversifying your own selections and keeping your ideas fresh.
  • A low-cost advertising model that provides hugely positive responses when it returns.
  • Permission based opt-in subscriptions, meaning that you can get far more receptive buyers interested.
  • Contact details for every subscription so that you can all come together in the right way, making it much easier to contact clients.
  • Crucially, it’s the only model out there that allows you to start bringing in new clients and people to contact starting today!

What Is Boost My Online Biz?


This is a tool which allows you to start promoting, growing and improving literally any online business. Whether you sell something as a product or you are like me and you offer a particular service, you can find that this will show you what to do.

It’s without any of the usual long tutorials, instead making it nice and easy to follow a guide that will take you through each stage of the process, working through everything you need to know. In short, it gives you access to the kind of tools you need to start marketing any business idea.

Who Is It For?

Literally anyone who is working with the web as their primary source of improvement and advertisement. Whether you are selling things starting today or you already have a successful business, you’ll find that this entire project can be the catalyst you need to start making effective change possible.

This product caters to all levels of knowledge about online advertising – so long as you are working with the web, you’ll be able to use this to improve conversions, sales and views across the board.

So, yeah, this is for everyone online! I am relatively technophobic, and absolutely love using this product.

Provided Tools

When you join up to the revolution being hosted by Boost My Online Biz, you’ll find that it offers you access to some very useful features such as;

  •  80 permission based e-mail opt-ins per day! This is a fantastic tool that will ensure you are bringing in people from Facebook, Google, YouTube, Solo Ads, Banner Ads, Bing and so much more along the way. This will ensure that if you get even just $1 per lead, you’re going to be doing very well.
  • An e-mail system which is managed in a user-friendly dashboard, allowing you to use analytics and tracking to see just how successful you are boing at this moment in time.
  • Lastly, you’ll also get access to a group of online marketing gurus who are doing the work for you – they do everything in the background, ensuring that you can just sit back and watch the clients come in!

What Does It Do?

It works in the background diligently, delivering a process that ensures you’ll be left with an increasing range of people coming to your website and opting in to what you have to offer. Now, you can start to build up a massive collection of e-mail lists and ensure that you can keep growing, improving and changing as time goes on.

The whole thing is built around making sure you can start to grow and promote the most powerful form of online marketing – e-mail marketing to a list – without having to take the time and the risk of building it yourself.


The pricing structure is very much something I was really taken in by – at just $39.95/month, you are getting access to a boat load of new features. If you break it down that every lead is worth $1/day, then this can bring you your monthly subscription back in just five days. If this works out even better then you can start to profit more or less instantly!

The pricing is something, then, that I feel really helps this to shine in a competitively challenged market that can hold back a lot of other marketing programs.

The Verdict

In general, I would recommend Boost My Online Biz to anyone who uses the web to promote their business. I made more within a month of using this with my opt-in lists and advertising this way than I had in several months doing it on my own.

It removes a lot of the hard work and means I can concentrate on what I do boost whilst my business grows daily – this changes the landscape for me, and could do the same for you as well.  I also found this Boost My Online Biz forum particularily useful to those that are considering joining.

To YOUR Success!

Jacob Fields



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